He picked up the strap, raised to to shoulder level and brought it down hard across her red welted bottom. She cried out as she took the stroke. Soon she was crying again, her body sheened with sweat. But she kept her back arched, offering her ass for the strap, offering herself to him for punishment. As he spanked her, she imagined that she was Daddy's naughty little slut, getting the strap for having such a wet pussy. The strap hurt so much, but it made her so hot.
After the first ten strokes, he let her rest for a few minutes, catching her breath. She was still crying when he started strapping her again. He gave the last few strokes very hard and she cried out loudly as she took them. He lay on the bed next to her, his cock iron hard. She knelt over him, impaling herself on his cock. He cupped her hot punished buttocks in his hands as she rode him. He could feel the welts from the whip and the strap under his fingers. She started riding him harder and they came together.

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